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Mutual of Omaha

Mutual of Omaha Medical Supplement

Quick refrence about Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plans that are available in Illinois.

A Medicare supplement insurance policy helps pay some of the expenses not covered by Medicare. What’s more:

  • Your out-of-pocket health care costs are reduced
  • You choose your own doctors, hospitals and other health care providers
  • Your benefits increase along with Medicare’s deductibles and co-payments depending on your plan's coverage

With companies offering the same standardized insurance plans, your Medicare supplement choice comes down to price and a company’s service, reputation and experience with Medicare supplement insurance policies.

See how Mutual of Omaha Company exceeds expectations.

Determine Your Need

As we age, our health care expenses generally increase. Medicare pays many of those costs, but not all. See how a Medicare supplement insurance policy can complete your health care protection. From basic to comprehensive coverage, there's a Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement insurance policy for your specific needs and budget.

Why Choose Us

Our Medicare supplement insurance policies help give you the financial value and security you seek in your health care coverage.

Forms & Information

Health & Retirement Services of Illinois,
7101 N. Cicero Ave., Suite 202, Lincolnwood, IL. 60712

For any questions or any help enrolling, call 1-800-739-4700 and we will be happy to assist you.

Medicare Supplement Outline

Medicare Supplement Outline of Coverage

Supplement Forms:

Medicare Supplement Application (Secure online form)

Medicare Supplement pdf Application